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 Beech - reception

Welcome to the class page for Reception Beech.  

This class page will be updated throughout the school year with pictures, news, curriculum information and external links to useful documents and activities.  

We hope it gives you an insight into life in our class! 




Hedgehogs - Reception Beech - 10th November 2017

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We have been using clay to make hedgehogs. All of the children had fun rolling the clay into different shapes, feeling the textures of the clay and adding water when it was getting dry. The children were really good using the fingers to get a pointy nose and adding eyes as well as adding matchsticks for their spines. We also talked about how hedgehogs are nocturnal and how they hibernate over Winter.

Created: 13 Nov 17 09:57 | Last modified: 13 Nov 17 09:58

Fruit and Veg Shop - Reception Beech - 10th November 2017

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This week we have enjoyed playing in the class fruit and vegetable. All of the children have been good at taking on the role of the shop keeper and customer; we have been using baskets, real fruit and vegetables, adding our own prices, and writing shopping lists. The children could find totals and count out the pennies to pay for their shopping. We have also been using magnifying glasses to look at different fruits and vegetables.

Created: 13 Nov 17 09:54 | Last modified: 13 Nov 17 09:55

Washington Wetlands Centre - Reception Beech - 6th November 2017

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We had an exciting visit to Washington Wetlands Centre where we saw both the otters and the flamingos being fed. We also had fun feeding some of the ducks even though the pigeons were being a bit greedy and trying to steal the bird seed from us! We also had a lovely guide called Peter, who took us pond dipping, where we found lots of interesting creatures. After that we went into the woodlands and created our own mini beasts using a variety of leaves, sticks, twigs and acorns. It was lots of fun!

Created: 13 Nov 17 08:49 | Last modified: 13 Nov 17 09:49

Halloween - Beech - 31st October 2017

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This week we have had lots of fun in Reception looking at the theme of Halloween and shapes. We have loved reading the Winnie the Witch stories and our challenge has been to help Winnie the Witch design some nice new wall paper for her house. This involved using different shapes to make a repeating patterns. Outside, we have been using natural objects to make different repeating patterns.

Created: 3 Nov 17 14:01 | Last modified: 3 Nov 17 14:02

Shapes - Beech - October 17

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This week in Reception we have been learning about 2D shapes. We enjoyed playing with the floor tiles, going on an outdoor shape hunt and making shape pictures. We were very good at naming and describing the shapes. When you are out and about see if you can spot any 2D shapes and see if you can name them.

Created: 3 Nov 17 13:57 | Last modified: 3 Nov 17 13:59

Music - Beech - 13th October 2017

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We have enjoyed learning some new songs in Music this term. We have been exploring how we can play the different instruments loudly and quietly. As well as this we are also learning to start and stop playing our instruments when instructed to do so by the conductor.

Created: 13 Oct 17 15:27 | Last modified: 13 Oct 17 16:18

Crispie Cake - Beech - 29.9.17

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To finish our topic on birthdays we decided to make some chocolate crispie cakes. We had lots of fun breaking the chocolate into the bowl, watching it melt in the microwave and then stirring in the rice crispies.

Created: 2 Oct 17 15:07 | Last modified: 2 Oct 17 15:21

Numicon - Beech - 27.9.17

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This week in Reception we are continuing with our counting. We have loved playing musical Numicon; this is where Mrs McCreight plays a song and once she stops the music she shows us a Numicon tile and we have to put the correct amount of fingers up. We have also begun to match the Numicon with the correct numbers in our Maths lessons and we are really enjoying this.

Created: 2 Oct 17 15:00 | Last modified: 2 Oct 17 15:00

Happy Classroom - Beech - 19th September 2017

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We have talked about our new class and the friends we have made. We listed all of the things that would make us happy in our class and mixed them together. Here is our recipe: A jug full of kindness A sprinkle of good listening A cup full of being good friends A dash of playing nicely A spoonful of tidying up A handful of politeness A bunch of good behaviour

Created: 20 Sep 17 12:12 | Last modified: 20 Sep 17 12:19

Welcome to Reception - Beech - 8.9.17

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In Reception we have had lots of fun in our first week as a class together. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and explored the new areas within the classroom. We have also made lots of new friends, joined in with lots of exciting games and trying our best to adjust to the new school routines. Lunch has proven very popular and so have the breakfast bagels!

Created: 8 Sep 17 16:14 | Last modified: 8 Sep 17 16:16


In addition to the weekly spelling and times tables practise teachers will be sending home this year, we have introduced a more creative and fun approach to home learning. Based on the topics your child will be exploring in class, we have included activities from across the curriculum subjects.

During the half term, we expect each child to earn a minimum of 60 points from their homework options. Obviously, if they’d like to complete more, we’d love to see this too! Those pupils who complete individual tasks will be invited to share their creations and research to the class on a Friday afternoon.

Autumn Term 2  Harvest and Winter

50 points

Fruit Salad

With the help of an adult can you make a fruit salad and send a photograph of your finished fruit salad in to school to show your friends?

30 points


Can you design and make a tractor? Could you name some shapes and write a label?

20 points


Can you draw a picture of a snowman or make a model of a snowman?

20 points

Winter Scene

Using pencils, crayons, pens or collage material design a winter scene.

20 points

Write a list of fruits

Can you write a list of some fruits you might buy in the supermarket.

20 points

Taste something new

Draw or bring in a picture of you trying a new fruit/vegetable.

10 points

Something to Share

Bring something linked to Winter or Christmas into school to share with the rest of the class.

10 points

Christmas Card

Make a Christmas card for your friend.

10 points

Favourite Fruit

Can you draw a picture of your favourite fruit and write a label / caption to go with it?

10 points

10 Snowmen

Can you draw 10 snowmen on a piece of paper and write the number 10?


Autumn Term 1 Ourselves and Family

50 points

Family Tree

Can you make a family tree?

30 points

Family Portrait

Using pencils, crayons or pens draw a picture of the people who live in your house.

20 points

Model of a family member

Use paper, boxes, junk or anything else to create a model of someone in your family

20 points

Family Trip

Draw a picture of somewhere you have been with your family

20 points

Take a family selfie

Email school or bring in a photo of you and your family

20 points

Write a list of your family

Can you write a list of three people who are in your family?

10 points

Something to Share

Bring something that you like into school to show your friends

10 points

My Friend

Make a card for your friend

10 points

Write your name

Can you write your name with a capital letter? You can use paint, pens or pencils.

10 points

Hand prints

Draw around your hand and your Mam or Dad’s hand. Who has got the biggest hand? Bring them into school.

Beech Class News

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Beech Class Letters


Below you will find letters that have been distributed to our class. All downloadable material will be offered in PDF format for easy reading and printing. However, if you do not have access to a printer and require an additional letter then please do not hesitate to request a copy at the main school office. Whole school letters can be found by clicking on the below links.

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Autumn Term 2 Homework

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Washington Wetllands Visit - 6th November 2017

Autumn Term 1 Homework

Family Photograph Letter

Reception Meeting - 27.9.17


Click on the curriculum icon below to view the curriculum topics for the current school year. 

The school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in Nursery.  The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth until the end of the Reception year.

It aims to develop each child to their full potential by offering a ‘principled, play based approach to learning and development’. Young children learn best through play and Early Years Practitioners will be able to provide your child with appropriate play and learning experiences for their stage of development and help them develop new skills. The activities that are provided for young children will underpin the skills they need to work towards the Early Learning Goals at the end of their Reception year at the school. The EYFS curriculum enables practitioners to recognise your child’s strengths and areas where they need more support to develop new skills.

The areas of learning and development are broken into seven areas. Three areas are particularly important for igniting children’s enthusiasm for learning. These are the three prime areas of:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

Leaving four specific areas through which the three prime areas are strengthened and applied.

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

All areas of learning and development are important and interconnected and many activities will cover many of the areas. Each area is divided into stages of development and practitioners are able to identify resources and learning opportunities for individual children dependent on their developmental needs. 

Useful Links and Documents

Below you will find links to useful documents, resources, online games and activities.

 Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage Maths for Reception English for Reception