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cedar - year 4

Welcome to the class page for Year 4 Cedar.  

This class page will be updated throughout the school year with pictures, news, curriculum information and external links to useful documents and activities.  

We hope it gives you an insight into life in our class! 




Recorder - Cedar- 13th October 17

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We have really enjoyed learning the recorder this half term. We can already play 4 different songs and we are beginning to read music.

Created: 13 Oct 17 16:32 | Last modified: 13 Oct 17 16:34

Throwing and Catching - Cedar- 12th October 17

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In PE, we have been practicing our skills in throwing and catching. We enjoy taking part in team games.

Created: 13 Oct 17 16:28 | Last modified: 13 Oct 17 16:30

Maths - Cedar - 12th October 17

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We enjoy tackling very tricky maths problems using different resources to help us

Created: 13 Oct 17 16:20 | Last modified: 13 Oct 17 16:21

Science Investigation - Cedar - 7th October 17

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We used tights and Weetabix to investigate the role of the large intestine. We had lots of fun with this experiment but it got very messy!

Created: 9 Oct 17 16:31 | Last modified: 9 Oct 17 16:32

Year 4 Teams - Cedar - September 17

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We cannot wait to see what Year 4 brings. We have enjoyed creating our new teams and have thought of very creative team names.

Created: 7 Oct 17 17:14 | Last modified: 9 Oct 17 16:26


In addition to the weekly spelling and times tables practise teachers will be sending home this year, we have introduced a more creative and fun approach to home learning. Based on the topics your child will be exploring in class, we have included activities from across the curriculum subjects.

During the half term, we expect each child to earn a minimum of 60 points from their homework options. Obviously, if they’d like to complete more, we’d love to see this too! Those pupils who complete individual tasks will be invited to share their creations and research to the class on a Friday afternoon.

Autumn Term 2 Sound

50 points

Visit Christmas Market.

Or any Christmas event. (Sunderland Lights switch on etc.) What sounds can you hear? How do they make you feel? Take a photo of yourself and write a short review of your day.

30 points

Create a musical instrument

Use any resources (junk modelling, Lego, cardboard, rice etc.) and your D&T skills to create a musical instrument. What sound will it make?

20 points

Go for a walk around a local area

Record any sounds that you can hear e.g. birds, cars.

20 points

Research the poem ‘The Sound Collector’

Can you create your own poem with sounds you can hear around you?

20 points

Learn some sign language

Can you learn some sign language? Can you say your name using sign language?

20 points

 Create a rain stick
Decorate your rain stick with bright colours. Using a bottle or tube and some dried peas/ beans/ rice, can you create a rain stick?


10 points

Compose your own tune

Using an instrument, an app on the iPad or your voice, can you compose your own tune? Can you play a piece of music on your instrument?

10 points

Make a paper cup phone

Test it with a family member. Can you pass on a message from a different room?

10 points

Listen to your favourite music

Which musical instruments can you hear in your favourite songs?

10 points

Watch an episode of Horrible Histories

Record any sounds that you can hear while you’re watching it.


Autumn Term 1 Anglo-Saxons

50 points

Visit Durham Cathedral.

Email school or bring in a photo of you and Durham Cathedral. Write a short review of your day.

30 points

Create a model Anglo-Saxon hut

Use any resources (junk modelling, Lego, clay, straw etc.) and your D&T skills to recreate an Anglo-Saxon hut.

20 points

Create an Anglo-Saxon shield

Use card or paper (or any old boxes) to create your very own Anglo-Saxon shield.

20 points

Watch an episode of your favourite TV show

Sketch and colour an illuminated letter. Maybe try your initials. The more detailed, the better!

20 points

Perform a song or dance

The Anglo-Saxons loved to sing and dance around a campfire. Can you perform a song or dance to some of your favourite music?

20 points

Sketch an Anglo-Saxon village

Can you sketch an Anglo-Saxon village? They often included lots of animals, log fires and a river or pond. Don’t forget the straw huts!

10 points

Locate Anglo-Saxon place names on a map

Did you know that most towns or cities that end in ‘-bury’, ‘-ford’, ‘-ham’ or ‘-port’ were named by the Anglo-Saxons? Can you spot any on a map? Record as many as you can find.

10 points

Collect a pebble and write your initials

The Anglo-Saxons would often carve their family names in to a stone to place in front of their house. Can you collect a pebble and write your initials in permanent marker?

10 points

Write your name in Anglo-Saxon runes

Using the internet for help, can you write your name in Anglo-Saxon runes? Can you write a message?

10 points

Watch an episode of Horrible Histories

Watch an episode of Horrible Histories. Record any facts that you have learnt to share with us

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Letter-join  Letter-join is an on-line resource for teaching cursive handwriting at school and at home. It uses interactive animations to demonstrate joined-up letter formation and hundreds of worksheets for real handwriting practice.