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Year 3 - Spruce and Larch - Segedunum Visit


Segedunum Roman Fort,


Year Group

Year 3 – Spruce and Larch Classes

Mrs Prior and Mrs Wright


Wednesday 27th March 2019

9:00am – 3:15pm. The visit will last the full day so please be on time for school and try not to arrange any appointments on this date. We will endeavour to return back to school by 3:15pm however please be aware that heavy traffic sometimes causes a delay which is out of our control. We will try to keep you informed of any such delays with a text message.


There will be a total of 6 adults on the visit. Adults may include school staff/school governors/parent helpers and students currently on placement in school.

Cost of the Visit

To help cover the cost of the visit we are asking for a parental contribution of £10.00

The school believes wholeheartedly in the value of these experiences, and subsidises the cost of all visits as much as possible in an attempt to ensure that these opportunities are accessible and affordable to all. However, the school seldom has the financial resources to pay the full costs. Consequently, a voluntary contribution is normally requested from parents/carers to make up the shortfall. This contribution is genuinely voluntary, and neither you nor your child will be treated differently if you are unable to contribute. However, if we do not receive enough contributions towards the visit we may not be able to organise such experiences in the future. Contributions can be made via the epayment system or by cash/cheque at the school office.

If you are unable to make this contribution, then please contact Mrs Jenner in the school office or on 0191 5250808 to discuss a payment plan or to see if you may be considered to apply for a school bursary. Please note contributions may be made in instalments up until the day of the visit.

About the Visit

Children in Year 3 will visit Segedunum Roman Fort to link with their learning in school – ‘Romans and Roman life’.

In AD122 the Emperor Hadrian ordered a mighty frontier system to be built across Britain to defend the Roman Empire from the barbarians to the North. The result was Hadrian's Wall, a 73-mile barrier stretching from the River Tyne in the east to the Solway Firth in the west. Segedunum, which means ‘Strong Fort’, was built to guard the eastern end of the Wall, and housed 600 Roman soldiers. It stood for almost 300 years as a symbol of Roman rule and a bastion against barbarian attack. Today, Segedunum is once again a major site on Hadrian's Wall. It is the most excavated fort along the Wall with surviving foundations of many buildings and part of the Wall itself. There is a large interactive museum plus full-scale reconstructions of a bath house and a section of Wall. The 35-metre-high viewing tower provides outstanding views across this World Heritage Site.

During the visit will have the opportunity to find out about Roman life at Hadrian’s Wall. The classes will also participate in a workshop titled ‘Life in the Fort’. As part of the workshop children pretend to be new recruits in the Roman Army and arrive at Segedunum Fort for their training. They will learn to march and drill for battle and attend a 'kit training' session in which an adult officer gets dressed in armour and equipped with weapons. In 3 groups the recruits will learn how to fight, check they know all about the kit through handling it, and practice their parade skills ready for the arrival of Legate Marcus Caelius, Commander-in-Chief.


Children will need a healthy packed lunch with a drink. The school will provide children entitled to a free school meal with a packed lunch. All other children will need to bring their own packed lunch.


Children should wear their school uniform, warm coat and appropriate footwear.

Additional Info

Please check the weather conditions on the day and be prepared i.e. waterproof coat, hat etc.

Further information about Segedunum can be found at