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Magic Breakfast & Breakfast Club

Magic Breakfast

Come to school at 8.45am to enjoy free Magic Breakfast 

We have managed to secure support from The Magic Breakfast charity to provide a free breakfast for all children for the next 2 years.

We will be able to provide cereals (cornflakes, rice crispies, shreddies and porridge) bagels and fruit juice to all children fro free every day.

Benefits of the Magic Breakfast

  • Every child will have access to breakfast which will give them a brilliant healthy start to the day.
  • It is free for every child without barrier or stigma
  • Vulnerable children are targeted to attend
  • Children will have a calm start to the day
  •  Lateness should reduce as children will be keen not to miss their breakfast
  • Children's wellbeing should benefit with that social time with their peers
  • Children won’t get dirty or have conflict before the start of the school day (as no one will be allowed to stay on the yard. All children must go straight to class entering on both yards which will be staffed at the door)
  • Children will benefit form extra learning opportunities between 8.45am—8.55am, led by the staff using the interactive whiteboards
  • Pupil progress should benefit as we will not have any hungry children who can’t focus on their learning and a calmer start means children are more ready to learn
  • The children will have the opportunity to try new foods throughout the year
  •  Family time should improve as there is no rush to prepare your child's breakfast
  • It should be fun to eat with your class and your teacher

Breakfast Club


The aim of Thorney Close Primary School Breakfast Club is to provide high quality care and a healthy breakfast for children in Reception to Year 6 before the start of their school day.

Research into Breakfast Clubs has shown that:

  • They improve attendance at school
  • Children are more relaxed and ready to learn if they have eaten and had an enjoyable start to the day
  • They help to improve concentration and academic performance
  • They provide a healthy meal at the beginning of the day
  • They provide a safe, familiar, warm environment
  • They develop social skills and interaction
  • They provide continuity of care 

Benefits for Parents

  • Reassurance that their children are safe and in school at the correct time.
  • Meets the needs of the family by enabling them to return to full /part or shift work or training.

Breakfast club Starts: 8.15am (doors close at 8.25am).

Entrance to the Breakfast Club is via the doors into school on the bottom playground.

Children should not be dropped off and the school office. 

Cost: £1 per day – Must be paid in advance.

Dropping Off

Breakfast Club starts at 8.15am. Children must be dropped off in the morning by an appropriate adult. An adult must wait with their child until a member of staff opens the door, this is to ensure the safe arrival of all of the children. Due to staffing the club and the food preparation if your child is attending Breakfast Club they must be on time. The doors will close at 8.25am. Once booked in, you will be able to leave your child/ren at the breakfast club from 8.15am until the start of the school day at 8.55am (term time only).

Entrance to the Breakfast Club is via the doors into school on the bottom playground, where children will be collected by a member of the Breakfast Club staff. Children should not be dropped off and the school office.


Children will be given a choice of foods from a breakfast menu, including: toast and various spreads; a range of healthy cereals; and a drink.

We expect all children attending breakfast club to have a breakfast. Children should NOT be attending if they are eating breakfast at home before coming to the club. The aim of the club is to provide children with a healthy breakfast and to promote independence, by encouraging the children to prepare their own food.


After your child has ate their breakfast they will then be able to choose a book to read until it is time to go to their class at 8.55am. Children should NOT be attending the breakfast club if they do not want to sit a read quietly.


The cost for attending breakfast club is £1.00 per child per session, payable at the school office or via the epayment system on Sunderland City Council website.

Payment must be made on a Monday each week. Payment must be made on this day irrespective of the day/days that your child will be attending breakfast club that week. The breakfast club will be reconciled on a weekly basis. If payment is not received then school will be withdraw your child’s booking at the club. Under no circumstances will school allow any arrears on breakfast club.

Payment is required for all days booked even if the child does not attend, the exceptions being when school is closed. School will be ordering food in advance based on the number of children we receive a booking form for. Therefore all food must be paid for irrespective of whether your child has attended or not.

Breakfast Club Booking Form

Breakfast Club Arrangements Letter 12.4.16 

Breakfast Club Survey Results March 2016