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Year 2 Visit to Murton Equestrian Centre

Date: Thursday 7th July 2022

Time: Normal school time, please ensure children are in school for 8.40am. We will be returning to school for the normal collection time.

Cost: To help cover the cost of the visit we are asking for a parental contribution of £15. The school believes wholeheartedly in the value of these experiences, and subsidises the cost of all visits as much as possible in an attempt to ensure that these opportunities are accessible and affordable to all. However, the school seldom has the financial resources to pay the full costs. Consequently, a voluntary contribution is normally requested from parents/carers to make up the shortfall. This contribution is genuinely voluntary, and neither you nor your child will be treated differently if you are unable to contribute. However, if we do not receive enough contributions towards the visit we may not be able to organise such experiences in the future. Contributions should be made via the epayment system at the following link:

Online Payments

Please note: School are subsidising part of the trip cost as it is an expensive visit.  If you are unable to make this contribution, then please contact Mrs Jenner in the school office or on 0191 5250808 to discuss a payment plan or to see if you may be considered to apply for a school bursary.

Clothing: Please ensure your child wears comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. Leggings, joggers, wellies or boots. No shorts and no trainers as these are dangerous to wear around horses.

Lunch: Year 2 Children will be provided with a school packed lunch under the Universal Free Infant School Meals Scheme.