Thorney Close Primary School

"Where Learning Blossoms..."

Fir Class 2023-2024

Teacher: Mrs Prior

Year Group: Year 2/3

Welcome to our class page for this academic year.  Throughout the year we will populate this page with our learning and experiences.  Please check back regularly for updates and our latest news. 

Easter Egg Designs

Check out these stunning Easter egg designs we crafted using acrylic paint pens

Easter Symmetry

We've been having a fun exploring symmetry in math, incorporating Easter themes!

Broomhouse Farm - Day 2

We had an amazing morning at Broomhouse Farm! The sun was shining, and the kids were thrilled to be back on the farm. We got to see sheep, cows, goats, and even caught some chickens!

In the afternoon, we had a fantastic time exploring the adventure forest. The children showed great bravery and savored every moment, especially when zip-lining and navigating the plank walk!

Emotional Vocabulary

In our English session, we have used our skills with a thesaurus to discover fresh emotional vocabulary. Additionally, we explored the influence of our words on others using apples. Each identical apple received different treatment: one with kindness, soft words, and positive adjectives, while the other faced unkindness. Witnessing the impact of our actions was eye-opening, and we solemnly reflected on the power of our words in our interactions.

Habitat Hunt

We embarked on an adventure to discover animals in their habitats around the school grounds. Our exploration led us to encounter spiders, worms, beetles, flies, woodlice, and various fascinating insects inhabiting diverse locations.

The Night Ferry

We have been listening to a piece of music called The Night Ferry by Anna Clyne and created our own piece of linear artwork to represent the sounds we heard. Look at how differently we all interpreted the music!

World Book Day

We had an amazing turnout at our World Book Day parent craft session. The children thoroughly enjoyed spending time and making story-themed plates.