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 LARCH - year 3

Welcome to the class page for Year 3 Larch.  

This class page will be updated throughout the school year with pictures, news, curriculum information and external links to useful documents and activities.  

We hope it gives you an insight into life in our class! 





Segedunum - Larch Mrs Wright - March 2018

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Autumn Term 1 Homework - Larch - October 17

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This half term we have tried incredibly hard to complete some creative homework all linked to our class topic on the Stone Age. We now have enough tools to help build a small settlement! Several children have even recreated Stonehenge! We have received bows, arrows and spears ready to fight off any challengers! Not only this, but many children have brought in different examples of Stone Age jewellery, including bracelets and necklaces. Lots of children have also completed research on our topic, from Stone Age food to Woolly Mammoths! An excellent effort Larch class!

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Cave Paintings - Larch - 7th October 17

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In Larch class, we have been busy creating our own Stone Age cave paintings. Using inspiration from the Lascaux caves in France, where children discovered cave age paintings from thousands of years ago, we used crayons, chalk and charcoal to create our own 3D cave paintings. We were very impressed with the results!

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Stonehenge - Larch - 7th October 17

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This week we started to learn all about Stonehenge. We used books to research what it is and how it was built and then we had a go at creating our own example! It was quite tricky, but not as hard as pulling the original bluestones from the Welsh mountains all the way to Wiltshire!

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