Thorney Close Primary School

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List of Governors

At Thorney Close Primary School we have a mix of different types of governor with a wide range of interests, experiences and skills.

Types of governor

Parent governors – elected by the parents of children attending Thorney Close Primary School

Co-opted governors – appointed by the Governing Body. Applicants are not required to have a child in attendance at Thorney Close Primary but are required to have skills that will assist the Governing Body in being effective in delivering its core responsibilities or being wiling to undertake training to develop these (e.g. Finance, HR, marketing, leadership). 

Staff governors – an employee at Thorney Close Primary School, working as either a teacher or a member of the school support staff and elected by all staff.

Local Authority governors – appointed by the governing body following a nomination from the local authority.   Governor must have appropriate skills to support the governing body in delivering its core responsibilities

Associate Members of Committees – appointed by the governing body from a wide group including school staff and others able to contribute on issues related to their own experience and the area of responsibility of the committee to which they are appointed ie Deputy Headteacher, School Business Manager.

Governing Body List at Thorney Close Primary School

Staff  (including headteacher)

Mrs Catherine Jones (Headteacher)

Ms Claire Wright

Local Authority

Miss Alice Rowell


Mr Marc Chartes

Miss Lisa Palmer

Mrs Laura Phillips

Mr Glenn Proctor (Vice Chair of Governors)



Mrs Rachel Aird

Mrs Donna Hargrave

Ms Lucy McMahon

Mrs Lorraine Scott (Chair of Governors)