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Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness has an extraordinary capacity to build a strong body, mind and spirit; science has told us that it can help to protect against stress, anxiety, low mood, illness and pain, improve academic performance and social relationships, as well as expand the capacity to experience positive emotions.

Mindfulness is about stepping back and seeing thoughts and feelings come and go, without judgement, but in a relaxed state that focuses on the present moment. Children are wonderfully present in what they do, but as life picks up speed, the capacity to experience that calm, strengthening stillness can become more difficult to access. The sooner we can encourage the little people in our lives towards mindfulness, the greater their capacity for mindful presence will be. A regular mindful practice will ensure that existing connections in the brain are strengthened and new ones established.

Please see the attached document for some wonderful ideas about the fun and effective activities that can support mental wellbeing:

 Mindfulness: Tips and Exercises

 Thorney Close Primary School is always here to support all members of our community with their well-being, especially during these strange and challenging times. We hope you find these resources helpful.

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