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Attendance Fines

Unauthorised absence from school – important update about fines.

The government continues to hold attendance as an absolute priority in all schools. With the introduction of the new National Framework for Penalty Notices, the following charges will come into force for Penalty Notice Fines issued after 19th August 2024.

  • Per Parent, Per Child, the fine per child is rising from £60-£80.
  • Penalty Notice Fines will be issued to each parent, for each child that was absent. For example,3 siblings absent for term time leave would result in each parent receiving 3 separate fines 3x £80=£240£240 x 2 =£480 – if paid within 21 days.

Penalty Notice Fines will be considered when there has been 10 sessions of unauthorised absence (5 days) in a 10 week period. Unauthorised absence can be a G code (holiday during term time), a U code (unauthorised lateness to school after registers have closed) or O code (failure to provide a reason for absence, absence for a reason that the headteacher cannot authorise) 5 consecutive days of term time leave

attendance information june 2024.pdf