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Odd Sock Day

National Anti - Bullying Week 16th November - 20th November 2020

This year we are celebrating the above event in school with the theme of the year as 'United Against Bullying'. Each year the Anti - Bullying Alliance runs and organises this event, they have come together with the support from Cbeebies star and front man Andy and the Odd Socks.

On Monday 16th November 2020, we are encouraging all staff and children to wear 'odd socks' to school. Please note, there is no pressure to wear the latest fashion or buy expensive costumes. All you have to do to take part is wear odd socks, it could not be simpler!

We are asking for a small donation of 50p to help raise money for the work that the Anti - Bullying Alliance do.

Please click on this link below to see the official video from Andy and the Odd Socks.