Thorney Close Primary School

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School Update - 4th January 2021

Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

After initially reviewing and starting to update the school's operational risk assessments it has become clear that unfortunately we cannot open school safely for all pupils. There would be insufficient staff available to safely run the school and we have also had a significant increase in the number of children and adults testing positive over the festive period. We had no cases before Christmas now we have both pupils and parents testing positive. We need to take new precautions above and beyond what we did in the Autumn term as we now have this new mutant variant circulating more rapidly.

Therefore, school will be delivering remote learning for the next two weeks to keep everyone safe and we will send out details later today of what that will look like for the different classes. We will also loan equipment and help with data if you need extra resources so each child has their own device. Please come to the school office between 1pm and 4pm today to collect a chrome book or a data card to hot spot the device to. You can also collect exercise books and pen/pencil/ruler if needed.

Today we are safely organising bubble provision for Critical Worker and Vulnerable children and also enabling staff to prepare remote learning. The school will be open from Tuesday 5th January, for children of Critical Workers and Vulnerable children only. Please fill in this form by 1pm today if you need a place for your child so I can plan for the numbers of children coming to school tomorrow.

Booking Form for Vulnerable and Critical Worker Provision

All other pupils will be provided with Remote Learning to enable them to work from home, with live lessons in the morning and curriculum in the afternoon. The teachers will also invite children for small group intervention sessions in the afternoons. We apologise for this very late notice, but as you are aware this situation is constantly changing. We will continue to update our plans as the Government Guidance changes around Coronavirus to keep you fully informed.

Thank you and stay safe!

Any questions please either message me or telephone school on 5250808