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Nursery 2022-2023

The Coronation

A big thank you to you all for your support today, nursery was a sea of red, white and blue.

What can roll?

In nursery last week the children were very good at finding lots of different things that roll. There were also opportunities to explore if we could make the items roll faster or slower.


It was exciting to see some surprise visitors in nursery today. We watched some wiggly tadpoles swim around. We didn't expect to see them move so fast. We also didn't expect to find out that tadpoles grow into frogs because tadpoles and frogs look so different!

you might enjoy the story of The Teeny Weeny Tadpole by Sheridan Cain and Jack Tickle. You can listen to it here.

Seeds and Plants

We've had a lovely first morning back in nursery after the Easter break. It was so nice to see all of our friends again. We began our new learning theme today. We will be finding out about seeds and plants. Today we found out that seeds come in lots of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Eggciting Nursery

It's been an eggciting week here in nursery. There have been so many eggtastic activities to help the children explore the theme of Easter. Here are just a few of our eggceptional Easter moments.


Nursery has been filled with the most delicious smell all week as every child has helped to bake honey biscuits. Some of us found out a little bit more about some of the ingredients used today. We noticed the sugar sparkled like glitter, the flour was quiet when you stirred it and the cinnamon smelt much stronger when it was freshly grated. After one last batch went in the oven today we had baked enough biscuits for every one to try one and we did. There were lots of smiley faces, thumbs up and sounds of Mmmmmm!

Honey Biscuits

The children in Red Group found out that you need a cow, a chicken and some bees to make honey biscuits when we shared the story of Honey biscuits by Meredith Hooper.

We made our first batch of Honey biscuits today. We followed the recipe from the story and took turns to mix and stir the ingredients. We watched the timer patiently until it was time to take the biscuits out of the oven. Our noses told us they were ready too as there was a delicious smell floating through nursery.

We're going to make some more over the coming days to make sure we have enough for everyone to try one.
In the meantime you could listen to the Biscuits song to help remind you of some of the ingredients we need to bake them.

Farm Shop

Our farm shop is open for business. We have a lovely range of fresh vegetables which the children are enjoying choosing from . We've been enjoying taking turns to be customers and shop keepers. We've been exploring the meaning in print with some picture based shopping lists. We have been exchanging coins for our shopping and taking turns in conversations too.


This week we are exploring fruit and we found this lovely song to sing and sign along with.


British Sign Language Week

We had a very special story today as part of British Sign Language Week.


Our construction area has been a hive of activity this week. It's a great place to explore shape and space but also creativity and personal and social skills. The Wooden Blocks are always a firm favourite yet the Mobilo is becoming increasingly popular too.

It was fantastic to see the children discover how to create hinges and moving parts through trial and exploration and then show others how to do it. There have been some absolutely amazing creations in this area this week. However, what we are most proud of is the team work and co-operation we have seen. As one of the children said "Team work makes the dream work!"

World Book Day

What an exciting morning it has been in nursery today. There were tigers, dragons, princesses, superheroes and many more. There was another very special visitor too, Liz Million, a book illustrator came to nursery and showed us how she draws pictures for story books. Some of us even had a go at drawing our own story pictures. There were lots of lovely stories including The Tiger who came to tea, The Proudest Blue and Zog.

Valentine's Day

We've had another busy week in nursery. We used Valentine's Day as the theme for this week's learning and it has helped us to count, sort, mark make and paint to name just a few skills. Some of the older children began to listen for rhyming words using a game.

In the garden

This week in the nursery garden there have been some goings on that have certainly stimulated the children's curiosity. It all started with a little bird seed! The bird seed attracted our friendly gulls down into the garden. We often see the gulls so we wondered how we could encourage other birds to visit, so we placed a seed feeder in a tree and watched what happened. Then came the jackdaws and the pigeons. One of the children suggested that maybe different birds liked different things to eat so we made some cereal strings and hung them all over the nursery garden. The children were worried this wasn't enough so we added some apples and some raisins and made sure there was fresh water too.

The children were so surprised the next day when the cereal, apples and raisins were all gone. They looked round the garden to see if they could find who had eaten it. We thought it might have been the gulls, pigeons and jackdaws but we wondered if there had been any other birds as well. Then we heard a beautiful bird song. It took us a while to find who was singing but eventually we found a little robin and what's even more exciting there's also a nest!



We are thinking about our teeth and how to keep them healthy. We have been on a virtual visit to a dentist.

You can watch it below - Cbeebies My First Dentist

We've also been dancing along to the Brush your teeth song. You can try at home too. 


Explore, Play and Learn

We just love our nursery garden! There are so many opportunities to explore, play and learn. Here are just some of the activities the children have chosen this week.

Exploring around Nursery

This chilly weather is fantastic for finding out and exploring. Some interesting things happened in our nursery garden overnight. So, when we went out today, where there had been water we found ice instead!




We had lots of fun exploring the snow today. We found out how cold it felt. We watched it melt as we squeezed it in our hands. We made all sorts of marks in the snow using feet, prams, spades, scrapers, toy trucks and sticks. We worked together to collect more snow to see how many snow castles we could make. We hope it snows tomorrow so we can explore some more.


As part of our investigations into circles, the children in red group shared the story Dot by Peter Reynolds. If you'd like to listen to it again you can find it here.

We were lucky to find that some of the other children in school have also used the story and created a beautiful display so we just had to take a look. There were so many different colours and patterns to see, it was difficult to chose which dot we liked the best.

Seasonal Changes

In nursery we are exploring the seasonal changes around us, including how it's getting darker earlier. One of our favourite activities is to visit The Dark, Dark, Den. In the den we've been finding out about different light sources including torches, fairy lights and candles. Our candles are battery powered with LED flames as they are much safer for the children.

Children in Need

Thank you for your support, the children looked great in their spots, colours and sparkles. We've had a busy Pudsey themed day in nursery from making Pudsey's in the playdough, finding Pudsey and his friends outside, to the end of the session when we finished with a Pudsey story.  We also found out that Pudsey has so many spots as he uses them to try to remember all of the different children he has helped.


Please click on the picture to take a look at how much fun we had using our streamers in the wind. We used our senses to see, hear and feel the wind and it's effects in the nursery garden. It was also a great opportunity to develop physical skills such as gross motor movements and hand-eye co-ordination.


We've had a lovely first morning back after our half term break. We came in to find pumpkins in our nursery. We found little ones called munchkins. We found big ones that were bigger than our heads and very heavy. We talked about how they were orange, hard, bumpy and could roll. We also looked inside and found some seeds.


As we've been thinking about the colour orange this week, we made our own orange juice. It tasted so delicious it got a big thumbs up from nearly everyone!


In nursery we have been learning about more. We've had fun adding more bricks to our models, finding more sticks to add to the balance, pouring more milk on our cereal and making sets with more in. To help us remember all about more, we learnt how to sign the word more.

Amazing Teamwork


Just look at this amazing example of cooperation and teamwork. Working together we were able to build our rainbow road quickly which meant we had more time to explore what we could do with it.

Magical Moments

There have been some absolutely magic moments in Nursery this week watching friendships begin to grow. Here are just a few we managed to catch on camera.

What  Would You Like To Eat?

Did you know we had a McDonalds drive thru in the Nursery garden? It was built and open for business in minutes, with the children queuing up for nuggets, chips and breakfast muffins. Then it was taken over by new management who have decided that KFC would be better. Such lovely, cooperative and imaginative play, an absolute pleasure to see.

Singin' in the Rain

When we were outside, it grew darker and started to drizzle. Did we go back inside? Of course not, it was the perfect opportunity to get the umbrellas out and sing and dance in the rain. Press play to take a look!


Busy Morning in Nursery

We've had another fantastic morning in Nursery. The children have visited lots of the learning areas inside and out and we even had time for music with Les and Jen.

Making Friends

Today has been a very friendly day in nursery. We've been making some new friends and catching up with some old friends too!


Super teamwork in Nursery!   We all helped to make some new playdough. If you'd like to try at home you can find the recipe we used here

Playdough Recipe

First Day 

It was so lovely to see so many smiles this morning. We've had a fantastic first day back in nursery with our returning children.