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This class page will be updated throughout the school year with pictures, news, curriculum information and external links to useful documents and activities. We hope it gives you an insight into life in our class!

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World Book Day - Saplings - March 19

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Nursery took the theme of bedtime stories for our World Book Day celebrations this year. We all came to nursery in our pyjamas with our favourite teddy and bedtime story. We shared our books with our friends and in our groups. There was even time for some hot chocolate before our final story.

Created: 26 Apr 19 12:05 | Last modified: 26 Apr 19 12:07

Winter Waether - Saplings - March 2019

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The children enjoyed finding out first-hand about winter weather. The classroom was transformed into a winter wonderland, with a little help from some Year 6 snowflake makers. The children spent time in the snow den, explored cold colours, made ice sculptures and even caught snowflakes in the outdoor area.

Created: 26 Apr 19 12:01 | Last modified: 26 Apr 19 12:02

The Lost Colours - Saplings - March 19

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Nursery were visited by a little unicorn. She was sad because she had lost all of her colours from her mane and tail. Naturally the fabulous children in nursery wanted to help. So they began to explore nursery for all of the different colours, staring with the primary colours. At the end of the topic the children were skilled in finding different colours and were even exploring mixing colours with paint and light to make the colours they couldn’t find.

Created: 26 Apr 19 11:57 | Last modified: 26 Apr 19 12:00

Pumpkins - Saplings - 31st October 2018

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As part of our Awesome Autumn topic we explored pumpkins and were really surprised to find out how we could use them. Take a look at what we did.

Created: 2 Nov 18 09:32 | Last modified: 2 Nov 18 09:49

Outdoor Learning - Saplings - October 2018

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The nursery children love using our outdoor area. There are so many different ways to use it to support the foundation stage curriculum. Can you see what skills we are learning in the photographs?

Created: 12 Oct 18 14:48 | Last modified: 12 Oct 18 15:34

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Saplings - October 2018

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We saw stars this week in nursery. It all started with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on Monday. We’ve read some beautiful stories about stars and can’t decide whether Star in the jar or How to catch a star is our favourite. We’ve had fum learning a counting rhyme all about dancing stars to help us with our understanding of the number sequence. We’ve enjoyed making stars in the playdough, glitter, sticks, water and ice too. We’ve also looked at how the artist Vincent Van Gogh created stars in his picture Starry Night.

Created: 12 Oct 18 14:51 | Last modified: 12 Oct 18 15:34

Autumn is Awesome - Saplings - October 2018

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We found out about the change of season. We began by exploring the sensory garden. We collected some leaves and fruit to take back to nursery to help us find out even more using our senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

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