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Packed Lunch Guidance

The main meal should be a healthy combination of carbohydrate and protein with a side serving such as fruit, vegetables or yoghurt. Lunches may also contain one sweet/dessert item such as a cake, biscuit or small fruit bar (fruit bars will be seen as a dessert as they have a high sugar content) and/or one savoury additional item which could be bread sticks or crackers.

  • No chocolate or any chocolate flavoured food (e.g. chocolate mousse, chocolate chip muffins or cookies, chocolate spread, etc.)
  • No sweets
  • No nuts or strawberries - (due to allergies)
  • Only water - no sugary drinks, flavoured water or fruit juices

We are proud of our Healthy School status and promote good oral health in school and therefore we don’t allow chocolate or sweets in school.

Please click on the below link for further information and ideas about healthy packed lunches.

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