Thorney Close Primary School

"Where Learning Blossoms..."

School Day

The main school gates, supervised by members of the leadership team, will open at 8.40am. Children can enter the classroom from 8.45am – this is the time children should arrive at school.   Free breakfast is provided for all children.

Children are expected to be in their classroom ready to begin lessons at 8.55am

The school day finishes at 3.15pm. This means the hours children must be in school are 8.45am-3.15pm.


Breakfast and Registration


Morning session 1 begins


Morning Break


Morning session 2 continues




Afternoon session begins*


School day ends

* Key Stage 1 children have an afternoon break

Nursery day


Doors open - Nursery session begins


Nursery session ends - Doors open for collection

School Hours

The timings we have around the school day means that children typically spend 6.5 hours a day in school and 32.5 hours in school each week.

Change of Collection Arrangements or Emergencies

For the safety of our children, parents should let the school office know if a different adult will be collecting their child at the end of the day, if they are likely to be late collecting their child or there are any other changes to the usual end of school arrangements.

The office staff are available between 8.15am - 4.15pm if you have any queries.