Thorney Close Primary School

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School Uniform

The aim of the school is to have pupils dress with a school identity in a smart, affordable and practical way, which conforms to standards of decency and safety and enables all pupils to be seen and therefore treated equally. The school uniform shows that pupils belong to our school community and should be worn with pride. School Uniform is a requirement for being part of our school and is compulsory for all pupils.

The school expects all parents who accept a place at Thorney Close Primary School to comply with compulsory school uniform standards.


  • White polo shirt with/without school logo
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or sweat cardigan with/without school logo
  • Plain grey or tailored school trousers
  • Plain grey skirt or pinafore dress- not more than 5cm above the knee
  • Plain white, grey or navy blue socks or tights
  • Navy/Blue and white checked school dress
  • Plain black, flat polishable school shoes
  • An appropriate coat whenever it is likely to be cold or wet

PE Kit

  • Blue PE top (provided by school)
  • Plain navy blue (provided by school)
  • Black plimsolls
  • Trainers for outdoor PE
  • School PE drawstring bag (provided by school)

PE kits must be kept in school at all times.  School will wash PE kits at regular intervals each term.


Swimming kits are:


All in one swimming costume  (no bikinis or tankinis), towel and swimming kit          


Swimming trunks/shorts (no knee length leisure shorts) towel and swimming kit          


Children are not allowed to wear earrings or jewellery. A wrist watch may be worn.


The school does not allow extremes of hair fashions i.e. no lines, patterns, shaved heads or obvious dying of the hair. No nail varnish or nail extensions and make up. Please check with school first if you are unsure. 

School logo polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans and school coats are only available from The School Outfit, on High Street West, Sunderland.

Click here to view The School Outfit Website.

Asda, Primark, Matalan, Tesco and M&S all generally provide a range of school uniform items, including footwear, which are in line with the school’s uniform policy.