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Reception Class Letters

Reception visit to St Mary and St Peter's Church (14th June 2017) (letter sent out 19th June 2017)

Reception Visit to Hall Hill Farm (29th March 2017) (letter sent out 1st March 2017)

Reception Visit to Thornley Woods (2nd November 16) (letter sent out 14th October 2016) 

Reception Reading Meeting (12th October 16) (letter sent out 28th September 2016)

Reception 'Ourselves' Letter (letter sent out 16th September 2016)


At Thorney Close Primary School, we value the support of parents in enabling their children to become fluent readers, who read for pleasure and enjoyment. Please click on the guidelines below for an overview on how you can support your child at home to ensure they make the maximum progress.

Reception and Key Stage 1 Reading Guidelines

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Minibeasts - Reception Mrs Chard - 22nd May 2017

(23 images)

All of the children have enjoyed taking part in minibeast hunts. They were fantastic bug detectives and found lots of caterpillars, ladybirds, snails, spiders and woodlice.

Created: 23 Jun 17 13:59 | Last modified: 23 Jun 17 14:14

Weddings - Reception Mrs Chard - 15th June 2017

(15 images)

To complete our learning about weddings we visited the local church to take part in a pretend wedding. After the ceremony we all enjoyed having a cake and some juice as a celebration.

Created: 16 Jun 17 11:54 | Last modified: 16 Jun 17 11:56

Bob the Dinosaur - Reception Mrs Chard - June 2017

(5 images)

Bob the dinosaur enjoyed coming to school for his lunch. He met Jackie and the lunch time staff. The next day we wrote thank you letters to him.

Created: 14 Jun 17 09:14 | Last modified: 14 Jun 17 09:15

Swords, Shields and Crowns - Reception Mrs Chard - June 2017

(10 images)

We all enjoyed making swords, shields and crowns. We read lots of stories about Princesses, Princes and Knights.

Created: 14 Jun 17 09:10 | Last modified: 14 Jun 17 09:12

Hall Hill Farm Visit - Reception Mrs Chard - 29th March 2017

(54 images)

All of the adults and children had a great time on our visit to Hall Hill Farm. We had an extremely busy day, including a tractor ride, bottle feeding the lambs, holding the rabbits, guinea pigs and chicks, playing in the soft play and giving the animals their food. It was great fun!

Created: 8 May 17 19:39 | Last modified: 8 May 17 19:39

Chinese New Year - Reception Mrs Chard - February 2017

(7 images)

During our Chinese New Year celebrations we all enjoyed tasting noodles. We tasted three different flavours; curry, chicken and beef. We selected our favourite flavour. Curry was definitely the most popular.

Created: 3 Feb 17 15:26 | Last modified: 3 Feb 17 15:28

Puppet Show - Reception Mrs Chard - 2nd February 2017

(6 images)

All of the children had lots fun playing with our puppet theatre. We all enjoyed watching the shows!

Created: 3 Feb 17 15:23 | Last modified: 3 Feb 17 15:24

Fun with Chopsticks - Reception Mrs Chard - 1st February 2017

(16 images)

Outside we had lots of fun using chopsticks to pick up pasta and beans. We used a one-minute sand timer to see how many things we could pick up. Once the minute was finished we counted to see how many things we had managed to collect.

Created: 3 Feb 17 15:19 | Last modified: 3 Feb 17 15:21

Ice Mountain - Reception Mrs Chard - 13th January 2017

(10 images)

All of the children enjoyed making a Winter Wonderland ice mountain. First we stacked the ice up into a big mountain. Next we added some arctic animals. After that we added some glitter and food colouring. Finally we added some salt. Throughout, we described the ice and talked about the melting process.

Created: 13 Jan 17 16:37 | Last modified: 13 Jan 17 16:40

Harvest - Reception Mrs Chard - November 2016

(9 images)

Harvest – After reading the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and talking about Harvest Time, we decided to make our own vegetable soup. The children had a go at chopping some of the vegetables. After making the soup, we wrote our own instructions. The soup was delicious!

Created: 18 Nov 16 15:28 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 15:30

Hedgehogs - Reception Mrs Chard - November 2016

(11 images)

All of the children enjoyed making clay hedgehogs. They were very good at moulding the clay. They used matchsticks for the spikes. Some of the children have even taken them home and made a cosy shoe box home for them.

Created: 18 Nov 16 15:25 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 15:26

Thornley Woods Visit - Reception Mrs Chard - 2nd November 2016

(56 images)

All of the children enjoyed our visit to Thornley woods where they took part in a variety of activities including: Looking for signs of Autumn. Going on an Autumn walk. Making our own leaf crowns. Collecting lots of natural materials and matching them on a colour sheet. Toasting marshmallows on a campfire.

Created: 4 Nov 16 13:07 | Last modified: 4 Nov 16 14:09

Funnybones - Reception - 1st November 2016

(13 images)

In Reception we have been reading lots of ‘Funnybones’ stories. All of the children enjoyed using white chalk on black paper to draw their own skeletons.

Created: 2 Nov 16 11:16 | Last modified: 2 Nov 16 11:18

Making Hats - Reception Mrs Chard - 0ctober 2016

(15 images)

Following our party for Mrs Patterson’s retirement, all of the children decided to make their own hats. They were very good at measuring their head to make sure that the hat fitted correctly and joining the card using sellotape or glue.

Created: 2 Nov 16 11:09 | Last modified: 2 Nov 16 11:10

Dental Nurse Visit - Reception Chard - 12th October 2016

(26 images)

We had a visit from a Dental Nurse who talked to us about looking after our teeth. We learnt how to brush our teeth carefully and found out that we should try and brush our teeth every morning and evening. We also talked about which foods and drinks are kind to our teeth. It was lots of fun!

Created: 18 Oct 16 12:02 | Last modified: 18 Oct 16 12:05

Outdoor Learning - Reception - September 2016

(25 images)

The children in the Reception class love to play and learn outside. The children have enjoyed travelling across the climbing equipment and also making a car wash.

Created: 28 Sep 16 11:47 | Last modified: 28 Sep 16 11:50

Learning Lab - Reception - September 2016

(47 images)

During learning lab time we love to explore all of the areas.

Created: 28 Sep 16 11:11 | Last modified: 28 Sep 16 11:41

Happy Classroom Potion - Reception - September 2016

(11 images)

In Reception we have talked about our new class and the friends we have made. We listed all of the things that would make us happy in our class and mixed them together. Here is our recipe: • A sprinkle of kindness • A handful of smiles • A scoop of helpfulness • 2 chunks of friendliness • A pot full of taking turns • A dash of tidying up • A spoonful of sharing • A cup full of fun

Created: 28 Sep 16 11:02 | Last modified: 28 Sep 16 11:24

Numicom - Reception - September 2016

(18 images)

Reception have thoroughly enjoyed using the Numicon. We matched the small Numicon to the correct number cards.

Created: 28 Sep 16 10:52 | Last modified: 28 Sep 16 10:55

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