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Reception/Year 1 - Willow

Welcome to Willow class page.

This class page will be updated throughout the school year with pictures, news, curriculum information and external links to useful documents and activities. We hope it gives you an insight into life in our class!

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Fireworks - Willow - November 2018

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The children have had lots of fun using chalk and black paper to design and make their own fireworks pictures. We watched lots of interesting videos of firework shows and look at the bright colours. We also learnt the different names of fireworks.

Created: 21 Nov 18 16:29 | Last modified: 21 Nov 18 16:39

Hocus Pocus - Willow - October 2018

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The children have enjoyed our topic Hocus Pocus and Halloween. We have lots of fun pretending to be witches, wizards, vampires and ghouls. We have also painted our favourite Halloween character. We have enjoyed reading lots of stories about Meg and Mog and Funnybones.

Created: 21 Nov 18 16:20 | Last modified: 21 Nov 18 16:28

Repeating Patterns - Willow - October 2018

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The children have been completing various maths activities over the Halloween and Hocus Pocus topic. We enjoyed using different stencils with a variety of objects on and spooky paint colour to make a repeating pattern.

Created: 21 Nov 18 16:14 | Last modified: 21 Nov 18 16:17

Music - Willow - October 2018

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We have done lots of fun activities in our curriculum over the last few weeks. We have been learning how to draw our own animals on the computer and have had fun exploring Charanga. Charanga is a music facility that the children have enjoyed using and we have recently learnt to clap alongside a well-known tune ‘Pat-a-cake’ and have been practising our singing.

Created: 15 Oct 18 08:33 | Last modified: 15 Oct 18 08:45

Pets and Vets - Willow - October 2018

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Over the last few weeks the children have had lots of fun playing and exploring the role play area and our topic ‘Pets and Vets’. The children have looked after animals, making sure they are fed and watered and they’ve also been on long walks around the classroom too. We have had fun playing with the playdough and making lots of different things with it, such as a tail for a mouse, a carrot for a rabbit and making fish for a fish tank. We have also been playing animal snap on the interactive TV and the children have worked well taking turns.

Created: 15 Oct 18 08:36 | Last modified: 15 Oct 18 08:45

Shape Hunt - Willow - October 2018

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The children have enjoyed going on a shape hunt where they found lots of natural shapes in the early years playground. The children were also good at describing some of the shapes such as a triangle has 3 sides, a circle is round and a square has 4 sides.

Created: 15 Oct 18 08:41 | Last modified: 15 Oct 18 08:44

Crispie Cake - Willow - October 2018

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The children thoroughly enjoyed making crispy cakes. We discussed how we make them. First we melt the chocolate, then we mix in the rice crispy and then we put them into the case. The best part was getting to eat them and they were delicious!

Created: 12 Oct 18 15:41 | Last modified: 15 Oct 18 08:32

Estimation - Willow - October 2018

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In maths the children have been learning how to count out and find the number card to match. We used lots of different animals and in this activity the children had to estimate how many animals were in each pile and then count out to see if they were right.

Created: 15 Oct 18 08:17 | Last modified: 15 Oct 18 08:31


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