Thorney Close Primary School

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School Performance

At Thorney Close Primary School assessment takes many forms.  Assessment is an integral part of every lesson and used to identify progress and understanding.  At the end of every term all children in school are assessed and their level of learning recorded.  These levels are analysed by staff and interventions, for individuals or small groups, to support children further are put into place if required.

During the summer term statutory assessments are completed for children in Year 2 and Year 6, phonics testing for children in Year 1 and Early Years Foundation Stage Profile for Reception children.  Children in Years 3, 4 and 5 do not have statutory tests in the Summer Term.  We do termly assessments in all year groups to measure progress and target teaching.

School Performance 2019-2023

school website data 2023 detailed thorney close primary 3942174.pdf

Click on the link below to access the school and college performance tables service, where you can find and compare school performance.

DfE School Performance Tables