Thorney Close Primary School

"Where Learning Blossoms..."

Seedlings 2023 -2024

Our Senses

Children have been exploring their five senses. We made our own musical instruments, where they listened to the sound the pasta made. They smelt different herbs and spices before pouring them into the playdough. We had the opportunity to explore the sensory garden, looking at the changes of leaves and what we could hear. The children have also painted spaghetti and they explored it by feeling the texture and talking about the different colours. Children tasted pineapple, tomato, pear and a pepper. There was some funny faces that were made!



It is officially the start of Autumn!

The children got wrapped up and went for a walk to our sensory garden. We explored the surroundings, and talked about what we could hear and see using the magnifying glasses. The children even picked apples from the tree, which we will be having for our snack this week.

Mud Kitchen

Welcome to Thorney Close Mud kitchen! The children have explored the kitchen by making mud pies, cups of tea and the children even had time to make a cup of tea for us!

What a busy week

This week myself the children have talked about how we feel.  We then made our own emotion faces.

The children have taken an interest in transport and we made our own bus, and sang 'wheels on the bus'.We have explored a lot of messy play like painting, making slime and making faces using the playdough. We continued the messy play outside, where the children painted the fence and played in the water tray with lots of bubbles!

 All about me

We have continued our 'all about me' topic.We have talked about our bodies and we have drawn around each other's bodies outside using chalk.

The children made playdough , the children added the dinosaurs to make a swamp.  This week, we have also created an underwater theme outside, where the children and I talked about what lives in the sea.

Indoors and Outdoors

This week the children have had a great week in the seedlings room. They have explored both indoor and outdoor provision areas. Children have used the big chalks to mark-make their hands and feet. Also, they have explored emptying and filling in the water area. They even had snack outside!



This morning we had a visit from Flynn the dog! The children were able to stroke him and we talked about his eyes and how soft his fur was.

Wet Play

What a fabulous time outside in rain, jumping in the puddles.  When it stopped raining we had a fun time exploring the outside area.  The children rolled the balls down the tube, practiced their balancing on the seasaw and they have ran under the parachute.


We have had a lovely week in the Seedlings room. We have explored all the areas and even found some dinosaurs in the shaving foam. We have loved reading our story of the week ' Rebecca Rabbit' and even sang sleeping bunnies.

Our First Day

All children had a fabulous first day in the seedlings room. The children explored a wide range of areas, including emptying and filling in the sand pit, blowing and popping bubbles and playing in the home corner.