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Year 1 Class - Mrs Verity

Year 1 Class Letters

Year 1 Visit to Hartlepool Maritime Museum (Friday 7th July 2017) - Letter sent out 21st June 2017

Year 1 Favourite Toys - Letter sent out 16th November 2016

Year 1 Visit to Beamish - 1st December 2016 - Letter sent out 3rd November 2016

Year 1 Fruit Salad (13th October 2016) - Letter sent out 4th October 2016

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Buddhist Flags - Year 1 - June 2017

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In Year 1 we looked at how Buddhists pray and compared this to how Christians pray when they go to church. We looked at a video of a Buddhist monk chanting using prayer beads. We looked at the Buddhist prayer wheel, bell, incense sticks, prayer beads and prayer flags. We found out what the different colour flags represent and what prayers they are for. We looked closely at the shapes, patterns and symbols printed on the prayer flags and made our own. We then decided what we would like to pray for and created our own prayer flags. We created a prayer tree outside by holding a ribbon and saying a prayer. We tied our ribbons on to the willow outside to create our very own prayer tree. Buddhists believe their prayer flags blow in the wind sending their prayers around the world. Our ribbons will also blow in the wind carrying our special prayers too.

Created: 5 Jul 17 16:03 | Last modified: 5 Jul 17 16:14

Puppets - Year 1 Mirs Verity - 27th June 2017

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Year 1 have enjoyed looking at different types of puppets. We then designed our own sock and glove puppets to create an under the sea puppet. We made dolphins and jelly fish. We selected the equipment and materials independently.

Created: 28 Jun 17 08:23 | Last modified: 28 Jun 17 08:40

Salt Painting - Year 1 Mrs Verity - 14th June 2017

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Year 1 have been mixing paints to make different colours and different shades. We found out that adding white makes a colour lighter. We made grey by mixing black and white. We added a little bit of black to the white paint. We then made different shades of blue. We created the froth of the waves by sprinkling salt on to our blue paint.

Created: 14 Jun 17 08:49 | Last modified: 14 Jun 17 08:51

Buddha - Year 1 Mrs Verity - 9th June 2017

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Year 1 have been finding out about the Buddhist religion. We listened to the story of how Prince Siddhartha left his rich palace life in search of how to help others and get rid of sadness, pain and suffering in the world. He became a great teacher and was known as the Buddha. We enjoyed using role play to retell the story.

Created: 9 Jun 17 11:04 | Last modified: 9 Jun 17 11:05

Victorian Times - Year 1 - May 2017

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Year 1 have enjoyed finding out about school life during Victorian times. We found out how the children had to take part in daily exercises called drill. We had our own drill session and then enjoyed playing some traditional playground games like In and out the Dusty Bluebells and Granny’s footsteps.

Created: 5 Jun 17 20:07 | Last modified: 5 Jun 17 20:09

Victorian Wash Day - Year 1 Mrs Verity - 18th May 2017

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In year 1 we have been finding out about life in the past. We enjoyed finding out about wash day and used role play to retell a typical Victorian wash day. It was exhausting!

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The Lost Sheep - Year 1 Mrs Verity - 12th May 2017

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In Year 1 we listened to another of Jesus’ special stories he told to help him teach his people – parables. We talked about the message in the story – how just like the shepherd loved all his sheep the same God loves his people too. The shepherd didn’t give up looking for his sheep and God doesn’t give up on is people too. If someone makes a bad choice, he doesn’t give up trying to make the person be a better person. We enjoyed making a sheep mask and role played the parable.

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Poetry - Year 1 Mrs Verity - 4th May 2017

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In Year 1 we have enjoyed reading a collection of poems about planting seeds. We worked in our teams to practise reading the poem ‘Here is the seed’. We added actions and sound effects using musical instruments. We performed the poem and listened to feedback from our peers. They told us what they enjoyed and how we could make our performance even better!

Created: 8 May 17 19:56 | Last modified: 8 May 17 19:56

Easter - Year 1 Mrs Verity - April 2017

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Year 1 have been finding out about Palm Sunday. We used role play to retell Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. We made our own palm leaves and shouted “Hosanna here comes the King!” We found out about Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. We shared bread and ‘wine’ (blackcurrant) and repeated the words Jesus said. “This is my body remember me.” and “This is my blood remember me.” We talked about Judas – the friend who betrayed Jesus and told the soldiers who Jesus was. Jesus knew Judas was going to do this.

Created: 2 May 17 09:58 | Last modified: 2 May 17 09:59

Tooth Fairy Trail and Easter Egg Hunt - Year 1 Mrs Verity - April 2017

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Year one have really enjoyed reading the book Dear Tooth Fairy. We decided to write our own letters to the Tooth Fairy and asked her lots of different questions. We used question Marks in our writing. We were surprised to find a reply the next day from the Tooth Fairy. The writing was so small we tried to read it with a magnifying glass! Mrs Verity enlarged it on the photocopier so we could read it. She answered all of our questions! Year one enjoyed an Easter egg trail. We followed the clues to find the coloured eggs and then exchanged the eggs for Easter chocolate!

Created: 2 May 17 09:49 | Last modified: 2 May 17 09:54

Souter Lighthouse Visit - Year 1 Mrs Verity - 26th April 2017

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Year 1 enjoyed a visit to Souter Lighthouse. We climbed 76 steps to the top of the lighthouse! The view was amazing at the top! We also looked around the cottage that used to belong to the Lighthouse Keeper. They did not have electricity so it looked very different to our houses today. We also enjoyed making a working lighthouse with a simple circuit and switch. It was a great day out.

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RNLI Visit - Year 1 Miss Jones - 27th April 2017

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Year 1 have been so lucky this week. We had a special visitor from the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) come into our classroom to tell us about their voluntary work. Anne let us try on costumes, she told us more information about Grace Darling and she taught us how to stay safe at sea. We had such a great morning and we already knew so much about the RNLI and Grace Darling that Anne was so impressed with all of our answers to her questions!

Created: 2 May 17 09:31 | Last modified: 2 May 17 09:40

Umberella for Mrs Grinling - Year 1 Mrs Verity - 17th March 2017

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Year 1 have enjoyed finding out the most suitable material to make Mrs Grinling the Lighthouse Keeper’s wife an umbrella. We tested different materials to find out if they were waterproof or not. We found out if the water comes thought he material it is not waterproof. When it stayed on the top of the material it was waterproof.

Created: 17 Mar 17 12:36 | Last modified: 17 Mar 17 12:38

Tribal Masks - March 2017

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In Year 1 we looked at different examples of tribal African masks. We looked closely at the colours, shapes and patterns. We discussed the different materials used and how we could make our own masks. We then selected different materials to create our own African masks. Some of the creative Year 6 pupils in Mrs Leyland’s class also came to help us. It was lovely to have the older pupils support us.

Created: 14 Mar 17 09:59 | Last modified: 14 Mar 17 10:00

African Sunsets - Year 1 Mrs Verity - March 2017

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Today we looked at images online of different sunsets. Many artists visit Africa to capture the African sunsets because they are so beautiful. We looked at the colours used and the different silhouettes in front of the sunsets. We then used different colours to create our own sunsets. We blended the colours together.

Created: 14 Mar 17 09:56 | Last modified: 14 Mar 17 09:56

Grace Darling - Yaer 1 Mrs Verity - March 2017

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We have enjoyed finding out about Grace Darling. We found out how Grace Darling was the daughter of a lighthouse keeper – William Darling. One stormy night Grace and her father risked their lives to save people who were clinging to some nearby rocks after their ship the Forfarshire had crashed. We enjoyed using role play to retell the story. We described Grace’s thoughts and feelings throughout and used different facial expressions to show the feelings of the different characters.

Created: 14 Mar 17 09:51 | Last modified: 14 Mar 17 09:53

The Gingerbread Man - Year 1 - 16th February 2017

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Year 1 have been reading lots of different fairy tales. We have enjoyed comparing the different characters and settings. We are really confident at identifying the different features in a fairy tale and even made up our own fairy tales! We particularly enjoyed reading the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. We decorated our own Gingerbread men then something strange happened over night – they vanished! We couldn’t believe it. Our classroom was covered in gingerbread man crumbs. Mrs Jenner was so shocked when she checked the school cameras – she saw our Gingerbread men running away! She showed us the video and we were so surprised but determined to solve the mystery! We discussed what could have happened and shared our thoughts and ideas. We then wrote letters to the fox begging him to return our tasty gingerbread men. The fox still did not return our gingerbread men so we made wanted posters and displayed them around school! Thankfully they were returned safely and we could enjoy them! What a relief!

Created: 16 Feb 17 18:01 | Last modified: 16 Feb 17 18:03

Telling the Time - Year 1 Mrs Verity - January 2017

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This week in Year 1 we have enjoyed finding out how to tell the time. We can read and make o’clock and half past. We enjoyed matching times and solving time problems using our own clocks. We played What’s the time Mr Wolf. Mrs Verity was the wolf and shouted out a different time for us to make. When it was dinner time we had to make 12 o’clock then run away!

Created: 13 Jan 17 16:42 | Last modified: 13 Jan 17 16:46

Christmas - Year 1 Mrs Verity - December 2016

(17 images)

We have had great fun this week in Year 1. We have made Christmas cards, calendars and decorations. We also enjoyed parading our Christmas jumpers and having an indoor snowball fight!

Created: 9 Jan 17 10:29 | Last modified: 9 Jan 17 10:31

Christopher Pop-in-kins - Year 1 Mrs Verity - December 2016

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Year 1 have had a very special delivery all the way from the North Pole!! Santa has sent his special elf Christopher Pop-in-kins to stay with us. We are so excited to have our very own elf. He watches how hard we work every day and travels back through his elf door to the North Pole to tell Santa how good we have been. Christopher Pop-in-kins is a very cheeky elf he hides somewhere different every morning and we have to find him!

Created: 7 Dec 16 10:44 | Last modified: 7 Dec 16 10:45

Beamish - Year 1 - 1st December 2016

(61 images)

Year 1, enjoyed visiting Beamish to find out about Toys from the past. We had a fun day out exploring the museum visiting Santa’s Reindeer, the church, old school and sweet shop! We enjoyed playing with the different toys from the past including: - spinning tops, flick books, peg dolls, dominoes, cups and balls, rocking horse and Noah’s Ark. We even made our own spinning toy too.

Created: 7 Dec 16 10:17 | Last modified: 7 Dec 16 10:41

Year 1 Church Visit - Year 1 - 17th November 2016

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Year 1 have enjoyed a visit to church. We enjoyed looking at different symbols of Christianity. We found out about the different colours that are worn and used to dress the altar in Church at different times of the year. We also found out how Christians show they belong. We found out that they say prayers, light candles and sing special hymns. We looked at the font and Isabella dressed up and baptised the baby.

Created: 18 Nov 16 15:32 | Last modified: 18 Nov 16 15:39

Remembrance Sunday - Year 1 Mrs Verity - 9th November 2016

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Year 1 we have been finding out about why we wear poppies. We enjoyed finding out about Remembrance Sunday. We looked at paintings of poppies growing in Flanders Fields and used watercolours to paint our own Remembrance paintings.

Created: 10 Nov 16 17:15 | Last modified: 10 Nov 16 17:16

Winnie the Witch - Year 1 Mrs Verity - 4th November 2016

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In Year 1, we have enjoyed reading 'Winnie the Witch'. Winnie the Witch turned Wilbur different colours so she could see him in her black house. We enjoyed making our own colourful cats using filter paper. We enjoyed watching the colours run when we added water.

Created: 4 Nov 16 16:25 | Last modified: 4 Nov 16 16:32

Shape - Year 1V - 17th October 2016

(7 images)

We worked in our teams to name, describe and sort the different 2D shapes. We counted the number of sides and corners too. We sorted the 2D shapes into groups – squares, triangles, circles, rectangles, hexagons, pentagons and octagons. We then sorted them again – shapes with four or more sides/ shapes with less than 4 sides. Shapes with 4 or more corners/less than 4 corners.

Created: 18 Oct 16 11:46 | Last modified: 18 Oct 16 11:54

Oliver’s Fruit Salad - Year 1V - 14th October 2016

(13 images)

We have been reading the book 'Oliver’s fruit salad'. We enjoyed making fruit own fruit salad. We wrote instructions to help Oliver make a fruit salad.

Created: 17 Oct 16 08:12 | Last modified: 17 Oct 16 08:16

Can you explore your sense of taste? - Year 1V - 11.10.16

(10 images)

In science we have been continuing to explore our senses. We explored our sense of taste. We looked at our partners taste buds and found out how our taste buds help us to taste sweet, salty, bitter and sour foods. We tasted sour lemon, bitter dark chocolate, sweet jam and salty crisps to test our taste buds. We then played a tasting game where we had to taste different crisps and guess the flavour!

Created: 12 Oct 16 07:51 | Last modified: 12 Oct 16 07:53

Problem Solving Maths - Year 1V - 7th October 16

(17 images)

Today we worked with our partners to find different ways of making 6 using three numbers. We tried hard to work systematically and recorded all the different ways of making 6 using three numbers. We then shared the biscuits and ate them!

Created: 10 Oct 16 15:24 | Last modified: 10 Oct 16 15:25

Owl Babies - Year 1V - 29th September 2016

(4 images)

We have enjoyed reading the book ‘Owl Babies’. We used masks to become the different characters. We joined in with the story and then wrote speech bubbles to show what the owl babies were saying.

Created: 4 Oct 16 09:14 | Last modified: 4 Oct 16 09:14

Teddy Bears Picnic - Y1V - 22nd September 2016

(18 images)

We had great fun in class this week! We enjoyed our Teddy Bears picnic together. We have been counting in multiples of two. We counted how many eyes the bears had altogether then worked out how many eyes we had altogether in our classroom! There are 44 eyes! We have been finding out about our five senses. We enjoyed using our sense of sight to complete the spot difference activities!

Created: 22 Sep 16 17:14 | Last modified: 22 Sep 16 17:19

Settling into Year 1 - Y1V - 19th September 2016

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We have all settled well into Year 1 and are working so hard. We have enjoyed making a recipe for a happy classroom. We added lots of different ‘ingredients’ to make our classroom a happy place to be. The ingredients included laughter, fun, smiling, sharing, kindness, cheerfulness, friendship and respect. In Science we have been finding out about the human body. We had great fun drawing around each other and labelling the body. In English we have enjoyed reading the story ‘Alone in the Woods’. We used role play to retell the story.

Created: 19 Sep 16 14:22 | Last modified: 19 Sep 16 14:58

Year 1 Movies

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch - March 2017 


Cinderella - February 2017

 Barnaby Bear visits Thorney Close - January 2017

Barnaby Bear visited out school.  We took him on an adventure around Thorney Close.


How to make a fruit salad - 17th October 2016

We have been reading the book 'Oliver’s fruit salad'. We enjoyed making fruit own fruit salad. We wrote instructions to help Oliver make a fruit salad.


 Handa's Surprise - 10th October 2016

We have been reading 'Handa's Surprise', a story about Handa's journey through Africa to carry a basket of fruit to her friend.


Year 1 and Year 2 Spelling List

Year 1 Writing Checklist

At Thorney Close Primary School, we value the support of parents in enabling their children to become fluent readers, who read for pleasure and enjoyment. Please click on the guidelines below for an overview on how you can support your child at home to ensure they make the maximum progress.

Reception and Key Stage 1 Reading Guidelines

Thorney Close Primary School Calculation Policy

Year 1 Phonics Screening

The phonics screening check for Year 1 children will take place week commencing Monday 12th June 2017.

In June every child in Year 1 is assessed for their phonetic knowledge. The Phonics Screening Check is meant to show how well your child can use the phonics skills they’ve learned up to the end of Year 1, and to identify students who need extra phonics help. The Department for Education defines the checks as “short, light-touch assessments” that take about four to nine minutes to complete.

The checks consist of 40 words and non-words that your child will be asked to read one-on-one with a teacher. Non-words (nonsense words, pseudo words or alien words) are a collection of letters that will follow phonics rules your child has been taught, but don’t mean anything – your child will need to read these with the correct sounds to show that they understand the phonics rules behind them.

The 40 words and non-words are divided into two sections – one with simple word structures of three or four letters, and one with more complex word structures of five or six letters. The teacher administering the check with your child will give them a few practice words to read first – including some non-words – so they understand more about what they have to do. Each of the non-words are presented with a picture of a monster / alien, as if the word were their name (and so your child doesn't think the word is a mistake because it doesn't make sense!)

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