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Year 1 - Oak

Welcome to Oak class page.

This class page will be updated throughout the school year with pictures, news, curriculum information and external links to useful documents and activities. We hope it gives you an insight into life in our class!

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Ball Games

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Created: 1 Jul 19 09:41 | Last modified: 1 Jul 19 09:54

Light - Oak Mrs Jepson - January 2019

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This week in Science we were investigating light and deciding if a material was opaque, transparent or translucent. We used torches to shine through different materials to see how much light got through. We found that there were lots of our materials that were translucent as we could see a bit of light on the table when we shone our torches through.

Created: 21 Jan 19 13:02 | Last modified: 21 Jan 19 13:03

Town and Country - Oak - 11th January 2019

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This week in Year 1 we began our new topic, Town and Country. We investigated famous landmarks around the world and discovered that we have a landmark in Sunderland. Many of us have already visited Penshaw Monument and could talk about it as a class. We then had the challenge to make our own Penshaw monument out of cardboard boxes and paper tubes which we had made ourselves. We worked in teams of 4 and managed to get our monuments to stand up on their own!

Created: 11 Jan 19 13:52 | Last modified: 11 Jan 19 13:53

Christmas Crafts - Year 1 Oak - December 2018 -

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This week in Year 1 we invited our parents into class to take part in some Christmas Crafts. We had a lovely time and there was a fantastic turnout. We made our hats for our Christmas Lunch next week, we also made Christmas decorations for our trees at home and we got lots of glitter all over our classroom. It was really good fun and we think our parents enjoyed it too. There were biscuits and sweets out as well and so we used these to make our own melting Santaís which were super tasty.

Created: 19 Dec 18 09:23 | Last modified: 19 Dec 18 09:26

Beamish - Oak - 6th December 2018

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Year 1 had a great day at Beamish.

Created: 19 Dec 18 09:09 | Last modified: 19 Dec 18 09:22

Forces Hunt - Oak - 2nd November 2018

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Today in our Science lesson we looked at forces and what we need to do to help things to move. We searched around our school to find as many things as we could that moves and could describe what is happening when we were moving them. We found that there were lots of things that could be pushed and pulled in our school.

Created: 2 Nov 18 09:51 | Last modified: 2 Nov 18 09:55

Fruit Salad - Oak - 18th October 2018

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In our D&T lesson this week we have made a fruit salad for our partners to enjoy. We designed them based on our partners likes and dislikes and got the chance to try out what we made. They were yummy!

Created: 2 Nov 18 09:44 | Last modified: 2 Nov 18 09:49

Pirates - Oak - October 2018

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This week in our PE lessons we went outside and imagined we were pirates on a pirate ship. We spent time learning how to balance on one leg and galloped up the field towards the ship. We had to fight off seagulls when we were scrubbing the deck of our ship and climbed all the way to the top of the shipís mast! We had lots of fun on our pirate adventure and canít wait to do it all over again next week.

Created: 15 Oct 18 08:46 | Last modified: 15 Oct 18 08:49

Senses Test - Oak - September 2018

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This week in science we have been learning all about our senses and what we use them for. We carried out some experiments in class and used our senses to taste, smell, see, hear and feel things.

Created: 25 Sep 18 11:11 | Last modified: 1 Oct 18 13:18

Apples - Oak - September 2018

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This week in our topic lessons we have been learning about the Harvest Festival and why we celebrate it across the world. We have visited our own apple trees within the school grounds and have made our very own apples to go up onto our class display.

Created: 25 Sep 18 11:14 | Last modified: 25 Sep 18 11:57

The Human Body - Oak - September 2018

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We have been learning about parts of the human body this week in science.

Created: 25 Sep 18 11:09 | Last modified: 25 Sep 18 11:10

Just the Job - Oak - September 2018

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This week we became a character from our story, 'Just the Job'. We turned into a hedgehog who was fired from his job in a balloon factory because he kept popping the balloons. We talked about how this made us feel as the character and wrote our own diary entries about our bad day at work.

Created: 25 Sep 18 10:59 | Last modified: 25 Sep 18 11:07

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