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Great North Museum - Year 3 Miss Hodges - 12th May 2017

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This week in Year 3, we went on our trip to the Great North Museum in Newcastle. We had lots of fun exploring the museum and looking at all the artefacts they had on display. We had an opportunity to be archaeologists for the day and were even allowed to handle objects that were thousands of years old!

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Science Week - Year 3 Miss Hodges - March 2017

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This week in school has been Science week, we have been carrying out investigations linked to our Science topic Rocks and Soils. We carried out an investigation into the permeability of rocks working in our teams. We had to decide which rocks would be permeable and explain why we thought this.

Created: 2 May 17 10:04 | Last modified: 2 May 17 10:05

Volcanoes - Year 3 Miss Hodges - 2nd February 2017

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We have been learning all about Volcanoes in Year 3, we made volcanic eruptions using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. It was very messy (and smelly) but we had lots of fun describing the volcanoes using the words extinct, active and dormant

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Magnets - Year 3 Miss Hodges - 23rd January 2017

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We have been learning all about magnets and forces in science. In this lesson we have been looking at magnetic fields and measured the distance at which the magnet could attract a metal paper clip from.

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