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Year 6 Class - Mrs Leyland

Key Stage 2 SATs

The Year 6 KS2 SATs will be administered in the week commencing 8th May 2017.  

Monday 8th

May 2017 

Tuesday 9th 

May 2017  

Wednesday 10th

May 2017  

Thursday 11th 

May 2017  




Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Paper 1: Questions 


Paper 1:



Paper 3:




Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Paper 2: Spelling



Paper 2:



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Year 6L Class Letters

Year 6 - Revision Rally Letter (letter sent out 2nd March 2017)

Year 6 Sports Afternoon - 16th February 2017 (letter sent out 14th February 2017)

Year 6 SATs Meeting - 15th February 2017 (letter sent out 10th February 2017)

Year 6 Visit to Rainton Meadows (16th November 16) (letter sent out 20th October 2016) 


Year 6 Writing Checklist

Year 5 and Year 6 Spelling List

At Thorney Close Primary School, we value the support of parents in enabling their children to become fluent readers, who read for pleasure and enjoyment. Please click on the guidelines below for an overview on how you can support your child at home to ensure they make the maximum progress.

Key Stage 2 Reading Guidelines

Thorney Close Primary School Calculation Policy



Live Body Coach Session Joe Wicks - Year 6 - 14th June 2017

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Year 6 took part in a schools fitness session which was being streamed to schools across the country.

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Drama - ‘Johnny and The Dead’ - Year 6 - February 2017

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During our English lessons, we have been analysing the play script of Terry Pratchett’s ‘Johnny and The Dead’. As well as practisicing our retireval, inference and deduction skills, we have also thrown ourselves into role and performed scenes from the text. Not only did we follow the stage directions provided, we added our own twist with accents and mannerisms we felt were needed for each character. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Tribal Masks - March 2017

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In Year 1 we looked at different examples of tribal African masks. We looked closely at the colours, shapes and patterns. We discussed the different materials used and how we could make our own masks. We then selected different materials to create our own African masks. Some of the creative Year 6 pupils in Mrs Leyland’s class also came to help us. It was lovely to have the older pupils support us.

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Anti-Bullying Week - Year 6 Mrs Leyalnd - November 2016

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We have had Anti-Bullying Week in school this week and we have tackled issues through assemblies and class activities - role play

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Rainton Meadows Visit - Year 6 Mrs Leyland - 16th November 2016

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We visited Rainton Meadows. We showed our survival skills – building fires and shelter. Some of our shelters were very elaborated with swings, cutlery and toilets

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